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The food and hospitality industry has been at the forefront of digital transformation and with the global pandemic affecting traditional bricks and mortar restaurants, hotels and cafes. Digital transformation has been critical to the survival of many businesses.

Since our incorporation in the Middle East in 2008 and being one of the first independent digital agencies based out of Dubai, UAE we have been advising HORECA customers, on how to digitally transform and resolve issues through automated software and improve user experience, profitability, and lower delivery times. 

Our experienced teams have developed e-commerce websites and mobile apps for restaurants increasing margin and also improving loyalty and retention making them less reliant on services like Talabat or Deliveroo and uber eats that erode margin.

We have also delivered dynamic and interactive signage for in-store, that trains and educates the employees on new menu items and added value products that then transitions into an interactive or dynamic menu when the store opens. Our design and dev team has developed web games that when integrated into a digital/social or mobile campaign also increase brand engagement, loyaty and orders, why not check out some of our case studies to see how this solution could help your business or talk to one of our consultants about GPRS driver tracking solutions, mapping and social media ordering applications or NFT and blockchain opportunities!

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