Pharma & FMCG

Software solutions for the pharma & FMCG Industry.

Do you require a digital transformation or software or healthcare solution? As a software house we can offer a range of expertise in delivering apps, websites, internal workforce technology that is safe, secure, and on brief and budget.

Our Dev team has delivered digital apps and solutions that allow for secure video appointments, medical dispensing, one to one bookings or educating on rehabilitation, and aftercare. 

We have experience in the latest smart technologies ranging from Microsoft Kinnect solutions that can track patients’ mobility, falls, and even cognitive responses.  Through to interactive and dynamic point of sale and interactive apps that allow doctors, and healthcare providers to educate themselves on your Pharmaceutical products and services.

We have developed solutions for some of the biggest healthcare providers and FMCG’s in the world, ranging from Stada through to GSK, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and Eli Lilly.

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