Arla Baby & Me

The Problem

Amplify are working with Arla Baby&Me to develop an application that educates and engages mothers across the Middle East about the importance of feeding their children with dairy products are crafted with quality and natural ingredients. 
The key challenge was to make the app sticky and ensure that the user keeps returning after downloading.

The Solution

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To make the app sticky, Amplify built games that the Arab mum typically likes to play on a mobile device. One Arla Baby&Me game includes the Hungry Octopus game which challenges the gamer to collect organic fruits, vegetables and ingredients that can be found, in the Arla Baby&Me products. The collectables are equivalent to different points and lives and collected by the Spine animation octopus’ tentacles. Negative obstacles have been included in the game, to challenge the player to avoid the unhealthy ingredients which are featured in the brands’ competitor products such as salt, sugar and preservatives.
Based on the player’s score, they have the opportunity to rank on the live, in-app leaderboard, compete against other mums in the region and earn badges that reward them with exclusive offers, discounts and promotions.

The Results

The application is due to be launched in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in September 2020. The app will be deployed to both Google Play Android and Apple App Stores. The app will provide Arla Baby&Me with the ability to sell their products on mobile and via their social media channels through one CMS.

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