The Problem

Improving traditional bank branch processes with new processes and engaging interactive technology. The design principle was simple: digitalis processes to attract and delight customers with instant gratification and a superior customer experience while reducing costs.

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The Solution

Working closely with Appspace and 2.0 digital architects Amplify designed workshops to understand AUBKs requirements, categorizing the key products to digitally transform using 5D methodology.

The Amplify development team built an app that is editable via the Apppsapace digital signage platform. The interactive fully responsive app takes the user on a journey of digital banking products with the ability to request services directly inside the bank and without any human contact.

The app included product information, currency rates, mortgage and finance calculators plus games to keep children amused in store!

The Appspace platform allows the banking staff to edit and make changes from anywhere in the world, the staff can also deploy different versions of the app via the cloud as dynamic digital signs, interactive or even a playlist.

The Results

The Appspace application digitally transformed the bank, saving the customer time when visiting the bank and enabling them to find secure information faster when visiting the bricks and mortar facility.  The Appspace infrastructure and HTML cards allow the bank to compete with online banks physically allowing them to stay relevant and on-brand

Client Testimonial

Mo and the Amplify team support 2.0 concepts on complex development projects ensuring our clients have the ability to develop unique apps on brand.

– Rafaqat Project Manager

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