The Problem

Amplify were approached in collaboration with Mirum and 2.0 concepts to devise and implement internal communications content to help promote clients value propositions. They challenged Amplify to create 3D wayfinding solutions to help visitors navigate around urban environments.

The Solution

Amplify created visually appealing interactive screensavers for the client’s digital signage screens to showcase the client’s value propositions to improve internal communications. Using the Appspace platform, Amplify created an interactive 3D Wayfinding solutions, we even incorporated the weather and time feeds. The Wayfinder allows users to find out directions to meeting rooms and learn information through videos and games. To maximise the internal communications value, Amplify included features that provide Axis with the opportunity to update the side widgets, allowing the company to advertise company announcements, news and updates. Interactive room schedulers were installed that encourage staff to book meeting rooms from a web calendar or on a tablet mounted outside the room.

The Results

The installation of the interactive screensavers greatly improved internal communications as it meant that employees were learning about important company news from a reliable source. Being in control of messages allows Axis to squash any unwanted rumours or uncertainty. By partnering with Appspace, Amplify was able to offer Axis a fast, interactive, and reliable channel to reach all employees, boosting transparency and trust. Creating high-quality internal communications content increased the chance that employees will read the material, boosting engagement.

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