The Problem

In the USA, Victoria’s Secret PINK! developed an application to target young females who are mobile and technology savvy. The app now contributed to over 68% of the brands’ online sales.
Amplify were tasked with building a similar application for Victoria’s Secret PINK! to target predominantly Arabic young females across the GCC countries.

The Solution

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Amplify built an application using the top-performing elements from the USA version of the app, but adapted the content to reflect the Middle East.

Amplify developed a fully integrated headless CMS, which enables mobile-savvy users to order directly from the PINK! Nation app. To keep the app sticky, and ensure that users keep using the app after download – Amplify developed games, including ‘FETCH!’ that the user can play and compete against other users, to gain access to exclusive special offers, vouchers, promotions and events, specific to their personalised buying habits.

The UI/UX of the app has been designed and built to appeal to the brands target audience, typically, local Arabic university students and integrate into their daily campus life. Amplify has developed a strategy to recruit Victoria’s Secret PINK! Nation University Reps who will become brand ambassadors, representing the brand on their university campus, while creating content and holding brand events for their fellow students.

Amplify created an in store video to showcase the app features for their stores across the region.

The Results

The application was huge success generating over 1 million AED of in-store sales in less than 4 months in the UAE region just from promotional badges gained from playing the game and showing the shop assistant the discount voucher. The application has been downloaded over 15,000 times on mobile and due to the success will launched in a further 7 more countries in April 2021.

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