Mobile App Development

Developing Mobile Apps For You!

We are a mobile first agency! It’s expected by consumers that enterprise and e-commerce stores should be able to deliver fast, dynamic experiences that make finding information quick and easy!

What We Deliver

We design and build native mobile applications in React Native Technology. This means we only charge our customers for one UI and UX prototype, meaning you can expect to get a near identical build for both Apple & Android and even Huawei.

We use our 5D methodology from start to finish, planning the app step by step with you. This includes developing wireframes during an initial workshop with our team and yours as a collective partnership. Our careful planning, invested time and documented approach prior to the development ensures you have a smooth process with no road blocks and a final product that surpasses your expectations. Prior to starting any code you will receive a prototype of the mobile app that allows you to see the design and click through to key pages, making sure the app is how you envisaged it to be and prevents any surprises or hidden costs during the process.

Not only do we design, build and develop great mobile apps, we can also support you with the launch! We have a marketing agency team that can help build you an effective strategy to launch the app, track events and Analytics and ensure you can track sales, return on investment and engagement rates.

What You Get

A dedicated Account Manager, access to our cloud dashboard project management system that tracks the project performance. The opportunity to collaborate virtually as well as a hot desk from our office. What stands us out is the ability to offer our Clients the opportunity to meet our team in person to share feedback and make changes live with the developer and gain further understanding and insights on your project. We do not outsource our development work but still offer a competitive cost effective service. 

Would you like a free consultation?

Why not speak to one of our account managers or consultants about your project, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to all new clients, either in person or over a Teams or Zoom call.